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WLRCA Event Criteria


Velocity, Compulsory 2018

An event in which a drill has a set pattern and is performed by a maximum of eight (8) riders. Every two years the drill is redrafted.


Rein'n Rowdies Freestyle 2018

An event in which anything goes, no requirements other than it must be performed under a specified time limit (maximum of twelve (12) minutes) and no outside items, such as jumps, may be brought into the arena.


Desperados Drill Team Quad

MAY be included, however is NOT part of the event Overall High Point Championship. A list of ten or twelve maneuvers is drawn the first day of the Competition and each group performs a drill in a freestyle format, with a maximum time limit of five (5) minutes. 


Latigo N Lace 2018 Parade

An event in which teams are judged on how they perform maneuvers in a parade setting - typically a street type format. The arena can be marked off to simulate the street.


Royal Express 2018 Short

An event in which 6 required maneuvers which are the same every year and 6 newly drawn maneuvers each year are put together in a freestyle format. Time limit is 4-6 minutes.

Team of Four

Tacoma Lariettes 2018 Quad

An event of four riders which can be themed with costumes and is commonly referred to as a Quad. This mini freestyle drill has a maximum time limit of 4 minutes.